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My logo was lovingly designed for me by Terri Sharpe.

The stag is a symbol of the Semple clan dating back to Lord John Sempill I who died in 1519 fighting at the Battle of Flodden where it is believed King James IV and the Scottish Knighthood were defeated. In 1505, Lord Sempill I founded the Collegiate Church of Lochwinnoch (Castletoun, Renfrewshire), where he is now buried, and later built Castle Semple nearby. On his and his brother's tombstones were the symbol of the stag's horn. The coat of arms of the current Lord Sempill XXI bears both the stag's head and the motto "Keep Tryst".

The meaning of the Semple clan motto "Keep Tryst" could be likened to "Keep Trusting", or "Keep Being Trustworthy". It may also relate to the literal meaning of "tryst"; that is, in the sense of keeping an important appointment or meeting.

The oak leaves have been added as they are well-recognized symbols of law and justice. The oak is also a symbol of strength and stability, and is used to represent faith, eternity, virtue and endurance against adversity. The colour purple in the banner is also frequently used to signify justice. It also stands for loyalty and for integrity of mind and heart.

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